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I came across this post by We Are Teachers

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After reading this post it got my thinking what are some other ways that Instagram could be used in the classroom, maybe even my future classroom.

There are 10 ideas on this post ranging from showcasing students’ works to ABC scavenger hunts.

Obviously what you can do with Instagram depends on what level your parents are comfortable with the use of social media and their child(ren) being on it.
But let’s assume we have the perfect classroom and all parents use and embrace technology and the use of social media..


If you are using a class account the obvious is to take pictures using this account.
Do your parents have Instagram? Get them to use a hashtag that hasn’t been used before so that all photos can be collated in one spot. Students will then be able to view them easily, would be great to do as a reflection exercise at the end of the excursion.


Issue your student their own hashtag e.g. SamSmith5O (Name and class no) at the beginning of the year
Students can upload photos of their choice and designated photos (eg: finished product) using the class account. Students will have their own digital porfolio of images as an end result!


Have you ever typed instructions for students for them to put their hands up and ask questions about what to do.. Maybe try using the new video addition to this app and create a visual set of instructions that students may be able to understand better.
There is a big word being thrown around especially at Uni at the moment
Here is a great example of integrating technology to benefit the students while differentiating 🙂

Here is the introduction to Instagram Video found at:


Here is an example of a how to video, not education related but a great example 🙂

Obviously being a pre-service teacher I haven’t been able to try any of this in a class.. But like a said before I am thinking of the ideal/perfect class 🙂

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